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  Since this is about me and my work I may as well introduce myself.

My name is Gary Kitchens and I've lived with the Body Fender and Paint business since I was able to hold a tool in my hand. My father began doing it in 1960 and passed his skills and the trade along to me over the years as I grew up. 

  I have been actively participating directly with Full Restorations since early 2002. I have been a Mechanic and rebuilding engines, carburetors. clutches. brakes etc... since 1984. I painted my first car and rebuilt my first engine in 1984. 

  Beginning in 1994 these skills were applied in various shops and business as my family moved across world following my wife as she moved from Duty Station to Duty Station every two to three years for the U.S. Navy. This is generally why you see several different backgrounds in the photos.

  In 1996 and 1997 while we were stationed on the NSA base Ft. George G. Meade, I logged in nearly 25,000 miles between Baltimore MD and Washington DC as a Mobile Mechanic working out of my minivan doing minor things from Points and Condensers or Spark Plugs, to Fuel Pumps, Brakes, replacing bad Bearings, and Clutches and even Head Gasket replacements on the side of the highway's on the Capitol Beltway, the 295 and the I-95...

Beginning 2002 While stationed in Omaha Nebraska, I finally made up my mind to concentrate on restoring full time. It did not sit well with the wife due to the low volume of traffic I received due to moving every three years and not getting my name and reputation established and get a good client base.

  That notwithstanding, I've not had my fill of Restoration work. Most of the work being partial restorations for daily drivers that would turn every head in the crowd when they would go to the car shows. And here now, years later they still do.

  I've put together several pages of the work I've done in the past, and some I'm doing right now so you can judge for yourself the quality I put out.

  Is this expensive? Yes, I'm not going to tell you it's cheap, but I'm by far the least expensive shop on the entire west coast! Restoring a car the right way takes time, and my rates are the best they can be. Drop me and e-mail and let's discuss making your car look, feel and Drive like brand new again!

Thank you for visiting my website!

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