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Welcome to Classy K Auto Restoration.

If you have a Galaxie, a Mustang, a Camaro, a Skylark, a Grand National, a Pontiac Chieftain or a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost that you want restored, this is the place to bring it.

If you drive a Willys Roadster or Jeep Comanche or a 1947 RIO 2 ton truck, I'm here for your restoration needs.

If you have an old Falcon or Ranchero, or El Camino or Chevelle or a Mercury Cougar or a Toyota Land Cruiser or FJ-40, or a Mini Moke, or a Cadillac Coupe De Ville, this is the place to bring them.

Classy K is your one stop shop for all your Vintage, Classic, Muscle and Collector car needs.  

From maintenance and small repairs to full frame off rotisserie restorations and everything in-between.

With over 30 years in automotive body, paint, and specific as well as general repairs I have the experience to handle all of your Specialty automobile needs. Quality workmanship and attention to detail is always 1# priority in everything from dis-assembly, through the rebuilding to the refinishing and reassembly, from beginning to end.

I am a sole proprietorship, a one man shop. This is how I can guarantee quality from beginning to end. You will not have beginners or apprentices working on your automobile. I do all work, so you have my decades of experience 100% of the time with every repair on your auto. Also as a one man shop I have lower overhead which puts me in the unique position of being able to offer top quality work for a much more reasonable cost than the high end restoration shops.

  I have ONE way to do a thing, and that's the right way.

I am charging LESS than any other full service Shop in the ENTIRE COUNTRY, I cannot cut any more corners.

$$$ questions? A full restoration can be done for as little as $20K on some cars, and upwards of $100K on others, it ALL depends on condition, and level of restoration you want done.

I find it very hard to "Just to this part" and leave the rest to me. That is something that will come back and bite me in the butt later. I am sorry if this cuts my clientele list in half or worse, but I will not make compromises unless my family is starving...

Please check out my links and look around my website. I have photos of customer cars, in progress and finished, and a more in-depth “about me” page. 

Feel free to use the contact page for any questions you may have or to schedule a appointment.

Thank you for visiting my website!

We are a Retired Military Family and Appreciate your service for those of you who may be serving and seeing my website.

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